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LOCC has a long and close relationship with the Museum. The Club itself is an NCM member and as of 27 February 2019, there are 3 lifetime, 13 individual and 16 family and 1 Trial LOCC members of NCM for a total of 33 members.

Lifetime Members

  • Brian & Barb Newlun
  • Joe Dillard
  • Gary Ray Cooper

Current Individual, Family and Trial Members Include

  • Craig & Nancy Beach 
  • Dave and Mary Chapmann       
  • Gary & Jane Cooper    
  • Gregg Daly 
  • Parker and MaryBeth Darr
  • Buster Dela Roche
  • Jim Gillham
  • Randy and Helen Gross
  • Marline & Barbara Hammond
  • Rick and Diane Horsman
  • John Kubitzki
  • Nick and Vicki Larsen
  • Ron Long
  • Steve and Judy Lorne
  • Danny McCollum
  • Jack McFarland
  • Fred Mueller
  • Kenny and Debby Nickless
  • Shawn Nilges
  • Bob and Judy Pease
  • Jack and Yupin Rice
  • Doug Riffel
  • Joseph and Linda Sanford
  • Pete & Melody Spanos
  • Mark and Joellen Sperfslage
  • Dave Stoddard
  • Ralph Struzina
  • Don and Peggy Sturn
  • Keith and Judi Suchman
  • Gary Waisner
  • Dennis Wedding
  • Ron Wehmeyer

LOCC Members actively support the many offerings of NCM with regular road trips by the club or  individual members, including Museum visits, Corvette plant tours, Walk of Fame Bricks and new Corvette Museum deliveries (option "R8C")  The museum delivery option is one of the most rewarding parts of buying  a new vette and one that is unforgettable.

LOCC Members are encouraged to join and support the NCM as it honor, highlights and support all things Corvette-ensuring our iconic sports cars continue to push GM and Chevrolet to give the Corvette the appropriate resources in research, development and engineering to keep it a world class automobile.

Individual memberships are $50.00 annually while family memberships cost $100 initially however only $50.00 for annual renewal - making them a real bargain.  There are also Lifetime and Senior Individual memberships available.  Dues are also tax deductible.

Membership Advantages include:

  • Free admission to Museum
  • Discount on NCM sponsored events
  • 10% discount at Corvette Store
  • Subscription to Americas Sports Car Magazine
  • Membership card, decal and lapel pin

Contact: Joe & Ruthene Dillard

NCM Ambassador